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Consult: Before any work, customers share their vision for the project. Any drawings, pictures, books, or just a simple sketch is enough to get things started...get things going. We come to an understanding of the style of car you are envisioning, what you see in your mind's eye. Then, we will put your ideas to paper and task.
Design & Review: Final concepts and color renderings start out as simple sketches. After several revisions, these full color renderings are created. While building the car, these keep everyone on the same page, being used as guides to the build. We also encourage others to hang prints in their office or on their home wall, since they are quite extraordinary to look at. One of the designers we use is Jason Rushforth (www.jasonrushforth.com) of Rushforth Wheels.
Fabrication: We have all the tools and equipment to make metal beautiful and functional. Fabrication through cutting, bending, chopping, grinding, hammering, shearing, welding, riveting. We transform the metal. You are welcome to come check out our progress by stopping in regularly, in-person, through calls, and/or pictures we take.
Paint: At Big Creek Restoration, we understand that color choice is always difficult. One of the ways we help you decide is by color samples.
Assembly & Wiring: Once painting is finished, the car goes on to assembly and the final chassis work. Time to put it all together. Attention to detail is an important part of our process, and extra care is taken to prevent damage to any pieces.
Upholstery: We use a variety of uphostry techniques, depending upon your preference and style of the car. Again, as with all areas, we make it both beautiful and functional.
Final Detail: After upholstery is finished, Big Creek Restoration focusses on the final assembly and detailing. We ensure everything is as perfect as it can be, checking and double-checking every nut and bold. Besides looking fantastic, it must function properly, so the car will be enjoyed to it fullest! The car is road tested to ensure operation and performance. Then, we hand you the keys. Time to show, drive, and enjoy!